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The Boy and Girl Wonders

For fans of Robin
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A Robin fan community for gen, slash, het... whatever!

This community is for fans of the DCU hero, Robin, and those who have worn the mantle, from Dick Grayson to Damian Wayne.


We accept anything and everything from that doodle you did in class instead of taking notes to the 50 chapter epic you're writing to any general discussion about the Robins or happenings in the comics in regard to any of the characters. We'd love to see whatever fics, art, icons, rants, discussions, requests, or whatever you have to share! Pretty much, as long as it's related to a Robin (even if they are no longer Robin), feel free to post it.

For fanart and fanfiction: We accept any genre or pairing, as long as a Robin is a main subject/character. Have a gen fic about Tim as Robin? Fantastic! Want to share a slashy fan comic you're drawing? Awesome! Have a Nightwing/Starfire epic? Go on ahead!
Please see the Fanworks Policy post for the full details on how to post your fanworks first though.


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The Rules

1. Be as friendly as possible to each other.
Disagreements may happen and debates may occur, but there should be no flaming or rudeness in any instance. (And I don't have any billy goats to feed trolls anyway.)
2. Use LJ-cuts.
They are our friends. Anything that is not safe for work, contains a large image or a long fic chapter, has more than a few icons, contains "mature" content, or may contain spoilers, must be under a lj-cut. Feel free to also simply link to your personal journal as well.
3. Spoilers must be marked before the cut and the spoilers tag must be used.
Because nothing is worse than getting the end of something spoiled for you, use the spoilers!notStephanie tag and mention it in the post accordingly.
4. This comm is friendly to all pairings.
Be it slash or het. Please expect to see fanwork and discussions of either a homosexual and/or heterosexual topic. (refer to Rule 1 if needed)
And the most important rule (other than the first one)-
5. Have fun!
The Boy and Girl Wonders are a fun and fascinating lot, I think this comm easily reflects that.


Have an idea to make the community better?
Would you like to affiliate with us?
Drop a line about it in The Suggestion Box, where the admin reads and responds to any questions, comments, or concerns you have! (Or at least I'll try to.)

Suggestion Box
Fanworks Policy

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